Congratulations!!!”On Your OPW Acceptance”

“The best Gift” this year gave me was an e-mail saying “Congratulations!!! On your OPW acceptance”. I have been selected as an intern for OPW (Outreach Program for Women) 2013. Even today I go back to the mail to read it again which brings an amazing smile on my face. After Mozilla, Wikimedia has given me a chance to show my enthusiasm towards contributing to FOSS communities. I am grateful to Priyanka Nag and Netha Hussain who introduced me to this program through Womoz(Women in Mozilla). Also I am thankful to gnome and Wikimedia for selecting my project proposal. I got a new experience of writing a proposal which included: conversations with the mentors, making small contribution to the project, guidance for writing a project proposal and all these helped me to move one step ahead. This experience is stored in my personal Knowledge Repository! And there is a lot to come. I believe in “Learning by Teaching” and luckily got the project related to it.

My project is about creating online tutorials of media wiki API for developers and students.I really appreciate Yuri Astrakhan for mentoring me throughout the whole process of making a contribution to the project. Have a look at it . I am waiting to get started with the project that will be from 10th December 2013. I am really excited about it and I hope that I mark up to the expectations of the program and Wikimedia.