First step in Wikimedia through Codecademy

Started working for Wikimedia as an intern with a feeling of determination.It has only been 3 weeks and i have learned a lot in this duration and Now I have started wondering how much I’ll be learning in these 3 months. And the best part of this project is that I get to Teach others, whatever i have learnt,  by creating online tutorials of mediawiki API development course on codecademy.

Week 1( 10 Dec- 16 Dec):

  • Started the project by discussing with my mentor Yuri Astrakhan about which modules of mediawiki API should be implemented and those are Parsing, Querying and Modifying.
  • Began with Parsing with the reference of API:Parsing_wikitext and Mediawiki API Documentation . Also tried API:Sandbox to get an idea about actual output.
  • Got so much confused between title and text parameter of action=parse. And the confusion got resolved through IRC. 🙂
  • After so many reviews of mentor and the changes I finally created a tutorial for Getting wikimarkup text as an HTML .
  • And once I got the whole idea about how a tutorial must be implemented and how it should look like(HTML/CSS) , I started with other action=parse tutorials.

This week was all about learning and trial & error:

  • My mentor’s review taught me so many things which I had no idea about like Two key Principles KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) and DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself). 😀
  • Then he told me how to always imply these principles in your code specially while writing a code for client side.

Week 2 (Dec 17- Dec 23):

Week 3 (Dec 23- Dec 30)

As the time flies this project is getting more and more interesting for me. Learning something new everyday is helping me know how to impart my knowledge to others who want to know about mediawiki APIs.


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