Exploring Query API and Implementing Generators

Started my year with exploring query aspects of mediawiki API. Got to learn many things about Lists , Props and Meta. This was the huge module as it contains hundreds of sub-module which functions as a wrapper on top of SQL access to the internal databases. Really enjoyed making the live tutorials on all the aspects of getting data  🙂 Concepts like getting data just the users need, multiple pages, continuing queries,meta information, generators and many things are covered in my tutorial. Have a look and try some!!! .

Listing covers many facets like:

  • Performing full text search
  • Listing Wikipedia categories
  • Getting information of a Wikipedia user(s)
  • What links here functionality
  • Listing images
  • Listing pages that use a given image
  • Continuing queries
  • Geo search
  • Generators

Props covers facets like:

  • Getting multiple information in one request
  • Getting content of the revision of a page using prop=revisions
  • Getting revisions made by anonymous user
  • Accessing image information
  • Accessing page information

Meta covers:

  • Interface message information
  • Wiki information
  • User information

The above lists cover all the basic functionality although there are a lot more in the tutorial.

While exploring query API , I came to know about “Generators” , what are they?, what they do? and why we use them?

I implemented this concept in listing which shows the information about the Geo-coordinates of the Wikipedia articles.


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