Following the “Guidelines” by codecademy

Early February I completed the major parts of my project i.e Querying and Parsing Wikipedia through mediawiki API with help of my mentor Yuri Astrakhan. Total Exercises Completed are 44.Though the last part i.e Editing is stuck due to security issues.

It was another day when I was trying to ask for help from codecademy on the editing Wikipedia pages through api call from their website. Instead I got a different response from them saying “Our courses are designed for beginners. Our users only go through 20 to 30 exercises at the most – e.g., our entire JavaScript is 28 courses while our jQuery track is 14 courses. Currently, your wikimedia course is 44 exercises which is almost double to triple the exercises we offer.  Also, we don’t generally support authenticated apis ” .

The response was a feedback itself for us straight from codecademy. So we planned to mend our course in a way they have suggested. And for that we planned the following:

  • Split our course into two courses.
  • Segregate them on the basis of Basic concepts and Advanced concepts of Wikipedia API.
  • Finally title them as  ” Introduction to Wikipedia API ” and ” Wikipedia: Query API “.

Started working on the same and divided the courses in the following way :

  • Introduction to Wikipedia API have 2 sections:
    • Parsing Wiki: which includes all the exercises related to action=parse.
    • Querying Wiki: which includes very basic exercises related to action=query like text search, continuing queries, revisions, etc.
  • Wikipedia: Query API have 3 sections:
    • Query-Lists: which includes the exercises that get lists of pages that match certain criteria.
    • Query-Prop: which includes the exercises that get different properties of pages.
    • Query-Meta: which includes the exercises that get meta information about the wiki and the logged-in user.

Completed both the courses with 17 exercises in Introductory course and 24 exercises in other. And also both the courses are submitted for review.

Currently we are postponing the editing part until and unless we have a proper and easy way to demo it in our course.

Meanwhile I’ll be editing some wiki pages related to mediawiki API with my newly learnt stuff.


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